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Purchase Includes:

5 - 3cc Tubes of  Dental Grade Gel: 35% CP + 3% HP  (Enough for 60 applications)

FREE Accelerator LED Light Built in Tray ComboFREE Shade GuideFREE 5 Desensitizing  Q-TIPS

FREE Remineralization Syringe

FREE Printed Easy to Follow Instructions

LED accelerator light to achieve better results.

- Our exclusive LED light includes flexible mouth trays “BUILT IN”

- Our gel is the strongest in the dental industry.

- We are a trusted seller with proven track record and high customer ratings.



 35% CP + 3% HP GEL Gel on !

We are excited to now offer  strength of  Peroxide on :  35% CP + 3% HP GEL%

Achieve better and faster results with 35% CP + 3% HP GEL 

No other seller on is currently offering this strength. 

No More Messy Trays!

Unlike the blue lights on , our revolutionary light comes with flexible mouth trays built in. This means a more even fit for a better whitening experience.

Selling oral healthcare products over 14 years on !

OVER 100,000 SOLD!!!

74,000+ FEEDBACK


Combining Carbamide Peroxide (CP) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) in one gel makes perfect sense to be the

 Best teeth Whitening Gel on the market.


1.    Both CP and HP will whiten with the same results. 

2.    CP has a ratio of 1:3 With HP. For example, a product with 30% CP has about 10% HP.

3.    HP breaks down faster than CP, so it releases most of its whitening power within 30–60 minutes. CP on the other hand releases about 50% of its whitening power in the first two hours and can remain active for up to six additional hours (8 hours total). This means the gel has a time release effect using HP combined with CP.

4.    There is no noticeable difference in sensitivity whether you are using a HP or CP product.

5.    Products with CP have a longer shelf life than those with HP. All peroxide products have an increased shelf life if refrigerated.

 Do not place in a freezer. 

So there you have it........

Speedy White works better than other whitening gels.

Speedy White is the favorite gel for Dentist to give to their patients for take home kits.

Purchase Includes:

5 - 3cc Tubes of  Dental Grade Gel: 35% CP + 3% HP  (Enough for 60 applications)

FREE Accelerator LED Light Built in Tray ComboFREE Shade GuideFREE 5 Desensitizing  Q-TIPS

FREE Remineralization Syringe

FREE Printed Easy to Follow Instructions



A. Buy products Made in the USA. Manufacturers in the USA are highly regulated by the FDA. The FDA requires lot numbers, expiration dates and ingredients to be posted on any teeth whitening products sold either on the packaging or syringes themselves. If you receive a product that does not have this information, return it. Also, ordering from other countries is a very risky endeavor as they do not have the same strict guidelines in place compared to the USA manufacturers. Remember this product is going in your mouth.

B. Beware of expired products. There are kits being sold on that are expired. Some sellers will purchase large lots of products that are expired. Expired products are subject to contamination and can be very hazardous. 

C. Syringes Our R&D department has completed a 2 years study on some syringes sold in teeth whitening kits. The plastic in some cheap syringes will break down due to the peroxide in the gel. To say the least, this can be very hazardous to your health. We use exclusively BD (Becton Dickenson) syringes. They are the industry standard for hospital and pharmaceutical use. They are not effected by the peroxide content in the gel. 

D. Know the percentage you are buying. If you have sensitive teeth, you should buy a lower percentage of 22% not 45%. If not stated by the seller, read to find out what percentage they are selling. For instance, sellers in the UK can only sell less than 0.1% peroxide gel. That equates to 450% Weaker Gel than 45% gel. Hard to think the results would be the same.

Selling oral healthcare products over 14 years on !

OVER 100,000 SOLD!!! 

Why Our Product?

Florida Laboratories Inc has been providing quality dental professional strength oral products for 25+ years. Our innovative teeth whitening system supplies users with all the tools they need to safely and affordably whiten teeth at home. Our gels are the same strength used in dental offices which charge $600+ per treatment. 

- 30 years (3 decades) in the dental field

- Worldwide leader for over 9 years of Teeth Whitening products (including  private label) extensively  to dental professionals.

- Sold on over 350 websites.

- First Teeth Whitening product on . Over 300,000 feedbacks from all distributors.

- Our gel is made fresh daily with a two year shelf life.

- We use only Becton Dickinson syringes. Why? They are the global standard for the medical field. Made in the USA with US guidelines.

- Only the finest ingredients: kosher USP glycerin (no animal by products), USP grade carbamide peroxide etc.

- We formulate with 100% pure formula. No fillers or additives used.

- We implement continuous laboratory quality testing of all products for quality assurance.

- First manufacturer to introduce 22% and 35% teeth whitening gel to the industry.

- Ongoing research for new and improved products.

- All syringes as per FDA requirements are printed not adhesive labels that will peel off.

- We offer the best price, best ingredients with the best customer service.

 How to Use? 

Our simplified system makes it easier to achieve a whiter smile in the comfort of your home by following these easy steps!

Brush and Floss. Wipe teeth dry with a clear dry cloth or finger wipe. Snap Q-tip and apply Vitamin E & Aloe Swab to your gums. This helps to prevent irritation to the gums or blanching of the gums.     Insert a small drop of gel per tooth in the trays attached to the light. Use approximately 1/4 cc of gel per tooth. Be careful not to overload the the trays. Insert trays into mouth and turn on your light. We recommend a 15-30 minutes treatment for optimal results. Turn off light, remove trays and rinse the trays with cold water. Brush teeth and thoroughly rinse with water.

Repeat process daily until desired results are achieved. If you experience sensitivity, discontinue use for 2-4 days. It is best to utilize your teeth whitening system before bedtime.

About our Product!

35% CP + 3% HP Carbamide Peroxide. Mint Flavored with Natural Orange Oil. Our formula reduces tooth sensitivity.Optimized PH formula for higher whitening performance. Kosher grade glycerin (no animal byproducts!Why Kosher? Studies have shown that animal byproducts can be harmful and irritating on soft tissue).Enhanced stabilization of formula for increased whitening performance.

Clinically  proven to whiten teeth faster!

Lightens  teeth dramatically and safely!

Immediate  Results!

  #1 Rated Hi-Intensity 35% CP + 3% HP Professional Strength Whitening Kit. Best Seller on

Why Settle for 16% or 20% Concentration?

This gel is 40% stronger than most dentists use selling for $500.00 and more!                 



©  Copyright 2014 Florida Laboratories, Inc.

What  is the teeth whitening process? -  Teeth Whitening is actually a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of  tooth enamel. Our system uses an effective whitening solution retained in 2  thermoforming trays (1 upper arch, 1 lower arch) that are worn over your teeth  for only 15 to 20 minutes per day until you have reached your desired level of  whitening. Our product is a 35% CP + 3% HP carbamide  peroxide solution which allows the shorter period of time for results. In  comparison, a 16% solution needs to be in your mouth 45 minutes to an hour for  the SAME RESULTS. Now you can get professional quality dental whitening  treatment without an expensive trip to the dentist!

How  it removes stains - Our  system will remove most stains with a gentle action that whitens your teeth. As  the active ingredient in the gel (carbamide peroxide 35% CP + 3% HP),  is broken down, oxygen acts upon the stained organic deposits, which oxidizes  them into a white color. This process makes the overall tooth color closer to  its natural unstained color. Your tooth structure remains unchanged. Years of  clinical tests have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this system.  Over 95% of people treated achieve some level of tooth whitening. Crowns,  bridges, bondings, and fillings do not lighten.

What  is the treatment procedure? - An  impression of your teeth will be made by you at home with our easy-to-use  instant thermoforming moldable mouth trays. You will then apply our whitening  gel inside the thermoforming trays and place the tray over your teeth. Again,  since our system is 35% CP + 3% HP,  you can treat your teeth only 15-20 minutes per day. In most cases, you will see  results within only one week.

Is  the whitening process permanent? - For  most people, the treatment will last for many years. Your teeth have become  stained in the first place from consuming the foods and beverages. Upon the  completion of your initial bleaching process, your teeth are restored close to  their natural white color. Exposure to foods, drinks (especially coffee, colas  and red wines), smoking and other consumables will gradually darken teeth again  over time. You may want to periodically bleach your teeth. After an initial  treatment, most people do touchups about once every 6-12 months.

How  Important are Thermoforming trays? - Very  Important! Having thermoforming trays is essential to assure proper bleaching  results. Non-moldable mouthpieces may cause inconsistent bleaching or spotting  on the teeth and they are uncomfortable to wear. This is also true with  whitening strips on the market today.

What  is the difference between the thermoforming trays and the professional  lab-created mouthpieces? -  Although both mouthpieces are effective and safe, the professional lab-created  mouthpieces are more precise and more comfortable to wear. Since they are  trimmed at the gingival line, they help you save bleaching gel and are better  for people who may have sensitivities to bleaching gels on their gums. The  downside of these professional mouthpieces is that they cost more since there  are more materials needed to create them and professional laboratories are  utilized to create the mouthpiece for you. The thermoforming trays do a great  job with dental bleaching, especially if you have small scissors which you can  trim the trays to the gum line which eliminates gum sensitivity. The upside of  the thermoforming trays is that they are less expensive than the lab-created  mouthpieces. Both mouthpieces are effective and you can decide which type is  best for you.

I  already have a set of moldable mouthpieces. Can I buy just the whitening just  the gel ? - Yes,  we sell 35% CP + 3% HP Carbamide  Peroxide whitening gel separately. It can be used with any dental tray in the  same way as your previous whitening gel.

Why  is your product better than other whiteners? -  Simply put, other products do not work as effectively. Some over-the-counter  trays are not moldable to your teeth and do not hold the gel in the proper  position. Many OTC whitening gels are not thick enough to stay in place and will  leak out of the tray. Many OTC gels typically have less effective active  ingredients or a lower concentration of active ingredients. Many professional  dental whitening systems provide a less percentage of carbamide peroxide. We  should note that you can whiten your teeth with a lower percentage, but it takes  a much longer treatment time in your mouth. Our 35% CP + 3% HP gel  is HIGHLY effective. In short, we offer more effective whitening power for your  money than any other system.

Is  this product the same thing dentists sell me for $500 or more? - Yes,  Our system uses the same active ingredients, percent concentration and  methodology as those used in professional dental offices. We provide you with  thermoforming trays and supply you with a high quality, effective whitening gel  exactly like the formula used in dental offices.

What  causes tooth discoloration? - There  are many causes. The most common include consumption of foods, coffee, tea,  wine, sodas and smoking. In other words, our teeth naturally get more and more  stained as time goes on and we continue to live our lives. NOTE -  Tetracycline discoloration and artificial dental work are usually not greatly  responsive to dental bleaching.

Who  may benefit from tooth whitening? - Almost  everyone. However, there are some cases where treatment may not be effective.  Tooth lightening is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and  would like a whiter, brighter smile. Tetracycline discolorations and artificial  dental work are usually not greatly responsive to dental bleaching.

Is  it safe to bleach my teeth at home? - Yes,  our at-home bleaching system is specially designed to be an easy-to-use system  with detailed usage instructions. Over a decade of research indicates that  whitening teeth with carbamide peroxide is safe and effective. All of our  products comply with FDA regulations.

How  long does the bleaching process take? - Results  are dependent upon each individual characteristics of each person and the daily  wear-time of the thermoforming trays, but most people usually see results within  the first week. Maximum results occur over the next 14-21 days.

Are  there any side effects? - Some  people experience temporary tooth sensitivity during treatment. Others have  reported discomfort in the gums or in loose fillings. Gum irritation usually  disappears within 1-3 days after beginning the procedure and always upon the  discontinuation or completion of treatment. There are no other significant side  effects. YOU  SHOULD NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS,  PERIODONTAL DISEASE OR GUMS THAT ARE IN POOR CONDITION, WEAR BRACES, HAD RECENT  ORAL SURGERY, DECAYED TEETH, HAVE ROOTS THAT ARE EXPOSED, HAVE COLITIS, OR HAVE  JAW PROBLEMS. The manufacturer and seller assume no responsibility for any usage  of product. You should consult with a dentist before attempting any at-home  treatments and understand that there are risks involved if not doing so. A small  percentage of people may experience Reversible tooth sensitivity and gum  irritation which disappears when use ends, or by decreasing the amount of time  you bleach your teeth each time, or by increasing the amount of time between  bleaching sessions.

How  much whitening gel does it take per treatment? - Each  individual tray application (upper or lower arch) will use approximately 1/4  to1/2cc of whitening gel. The lower amount of 1/4 cc per treatment is  accomplished by 3 things: experience of using the whitening process, dabbing  just a small amount of gel in the frontal portion of each tooth exposed when  smiling only (no need to whiten unexposed teeth), and most importantly, trimming  the thermoforming trays at the gingival line (tooth/gum line). If you take small  scissors and trim the trays on the gingival line, you do not have a waste factor  of gel and do not expose the soft tissue to the process.


Whitening  Toothpastes

Inexpensive  ($3 - $10) - If the product doesn't contain at least 10% carbamide peroxide, it  probably will not work well. Additionally, carbamide peroxide must stay on your  teeth for a period of time to be effective.

In-Office  Whitening

Expensive  ($300-$600) - The process consists of the dentist forming a mouth piece for you  and usually dispensing 16% carbamide peroxide. Our tooth whitening system works  the same way except you form the tray yourself and our gel is 35% CP + 3% HP.  Special note: Some dentist are using a 45% in office treatment and sending the  patient home with 30% at home treatment.

Laser  Bleaching

Expensive  $500 -$1,000. This procedure is usually done in a few hours at the dentist  office using a light source to speed up the process.

Whitening  Strips

Inexpensive  strips coated with a  low percentage (non- dental strength) whitening gel.  Strips cover front teeth only. Strips do not work well in  removing stains between teeth. Because of the low percentage of whitening gel  and ineffective non fitting delivery method, additional strips are required for  frequent maintenance.

Other  Information

Carbamide  Peroxide has an approximate shelf life of 2 1/2 years if refrigerated.. You  don't want to purchase a kit that will expire before you have had a chance to  use it. Our kits have gel solution fabricated DAILY. Many  companies sell expired older kits which they purchase at a discounted price  (caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware).

Carbamide  or hydrogen peroxide that is stored and sold in toothpaste like "tubes"and  other containers, do not provide the air-tight properties necessary for storage.  Although syringe/cartridge form is more expensive to manufacture and to  purchase, it is advisable to maintain the gel in an airtight environment.



PayPal is our preferred method of payment. Please pay within 3 days of ordering.


Orders are shipped Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) via USPS First Class Mail.  USA. All orders paid for by 11:00 AM (EST) are normally shipped the same business day.        

FREE SHIPPING within the intercontinental USA unless otherwise noted! FL sales tax is applied when shipping within Florida.

International orders accepted! Please understand that once a package has left the United States, it is no longer our responsibility. If you should require an invoice or special instructions on your customs form, you must request this prior to submitting payment. All country regulations, guidelines, customs fees/duties and miscellaneous charges, etc. are the sole responsibility of the recipient/buyer.     

User Disclaimer

YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS, PERIODONTAL DISEASE OR GUMS THAT ARE IN POOR CONDITION, WEAR BRACES, HAD RECENT ORAL SURGERY, DECAYED TEETH, HAVE ROOTS THAT ARE EXPOSED, HAVE COLITIS, OR HAVE JAW PROBLEMS. You should consult with a dentist before attempting any at-home treatments and understand that there are risks involved if not doing so. A small percentage of people may experience reversible tooth sensitivity and gum irritation which disappears when use ends, or by decreasing the amount of time you bleach your teeth each time, or by increasing the amount of time between bleaching sessions. Your purchase designates you have read and agree to these terms.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Florida Laboratories, Inc. along with any and all entities associated with Florida Laboratories, inc. against any claims, charges, demands, damages, losses, expenses, and liabilities of whatever nature along with any legal or other professional fees and the costs of defense or prosecuting any claim and any other direct or consequential loss as a result of using any product.

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